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We hope it will take you less than two years to master fingerstyle guitar. is in a weird and new place in the world: a place where you can make art on a computer, watch it on a big screen, and read other people’s reviews before buying it.

As you might have guessed by now, didn’t actually start out as an idea at WIRED. Instead, it was a side project by a group of people called the Hipster Project: an organization that aims to make hipster culture available online for anyone to enjoy. And today, it seems they’ve done just that. Their site offers a wealth of info about the city you’ll be staying in. How many of your friends are there? Who are your best friends? What kinds of movies do you like to watch? Who is your favorite band? has a whole gallery of stuff to buy—from coffee mugs to clothing to mugs to coffee mugs—and a ton of artists to browse as well. The site also has a weekly live show series on the Earwolf podcast that can be found on their site, and you can find links to their podcast on the Earwolf app. And yes, you CAN buy a hipster shirt when you’re looking for some good laughs these days.


We reached out to Hipster Project founder Eric Kohn to learn more about their site, their business philosophy, and, of course, what the future holds for hipsters.

How did this idea come about?

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I’ve always been a bit of an art nerd. Growing up, I was an avid fan of vintage art, and have spent a lot of time drawing and painting since I was a kid. As much as I enjoy seeing the world through art media, it was always clear to me that you could have a great digital experience in the same way. It’s really just a matter of what we do next: do we let people have access to these things so they can share them and be as creative as they want to be on the Web? Or do we let those same people have access to something completely different, but still have a sense of community?

How long has it been since you’ve started

We started in 2011. We knew we wanted to make it a place where people can get the best of both worlds, but at the same time. We wanted it to

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