How long does it take to learn acoustic guitar? – How To Play Electric Guitar For Dummies

In my experience it is a short learning curve as you really just need to get started on the first night and let it teach you a bit.  You will also need to practice every day, but not too much.  When you start off and find the basics working well you can gradually increase the intensity as you learn more.
  Do you listen to any musical genres (rock, metal)?
Yes.  Not to the level of rock (which I don’t do) but I’ve always liked different, sometimes hard, sounding music.  I like to listen to classic rock and I like what they do with a guitar.
  What are some of your favorite albums or artists (rock, metal, classic guitar? etc.).  What was your favorite first guitar lesson that you’ve taken in the past?  What’s the most important difference between your personal style and someone else’s?
I don’t give much credit to one particular guitar teacher.  It goes for any type of guitar.  All types work for me.  My favorite type as of current is modern day classical playing (not the Beatles, the Beatles aren’t my type) as they use a lot of vibrato to convey a very modern kind of feeling.  You can’t listen to any other guitar player and expect the same kind of tone.  You have to get the vibe from the music.   I am also into the blues and rock, as well as hard rock and metal.  I like the way the sound is created and the way the guitar is used to convey the feelings of emotions.  I listen to lots of different artists.
  In your opinion what is the best or cheapest way to learn guitar for beginners? Is there any advice you would give out to anyone who is considering to begin learning guitar? Do you think it is worthwhile to put on a guitar and start playing?
I think it is worthwhile to do it.  I feel like it will teach you a lot of things, but it must be done right first.  I’d like to have one good guitar teacher teaching my music and I would try to find a good one for every band I play with.  If you have to do it your way, I don’t see why not just do it your way!  I don’t have a problem with just learning to play and that is what has got me through all these years.  I was always into music and I always wanted to study it and learn to practice. There are other things to learn about and

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