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Most guitarists have at least an amateur understanding of all four scales; and I personally don’t think there’s anything you could learn for free. You need a solid base and some kind of knowledge so that you can play fast and play with confidence.
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When you think of an amateur and you think of me, you think of an easy going guitar player. And that would be true.

The reason why I believe in amateur guitar is because every song on my guitar solo album is written from scratch on my guitar. I don’t spend a lot of time on it. That’s in the best interest of the music I play.

When recording an album, you should try to get the rhythm down and also the melody down and also in the rhythm section, do your best to get everything sounding good in the track. So the song is really about the guitar player and it’s not really about a musician as much as it is about melody. I believe in working very deeply to the rhythm line and to the melody line.

So to the tune of the movie “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” for example, we have seven bars of the melody line and then we have five of the rhythm line.

I believe that an amateur guitar player who gets stuck on the melody lines, I believe that the best musicians have not a problem with just playing them in a way that’s right and that’s fast. I think that’s part of the music for good musicians. So I just think it’s good work in itself even if the players are not able to play a very fast or fast rhythm line.

One of the reasons I’m a great fan of you is your passion for teaching. Can you share a secret about your approach to teaching?

Oh absolutely. It was through playing the music that I discovered how to be so creative. I’m a very creative musician so I realized that the way I was teaching myself was not working.

If you’re going to use your voice or play anything and you want to make a creative expression then you need to come up with a creative idea that gets you excited and makes you want to do it. I have seen that myself.

This is the music I came up in when I was in graduate school, but I was an improvising pianoist. You play something very good, and then suddenly you realize that the music you were playing is not making you go crazy to this point.

For this reason, I believe learning to play

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