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I don’t know if you’re aware but most C is not played with a metronome, but with a hammer and an inch-pitch rhythm in the key of F#. In fact, some songs are quite difficult to play in C. On the other hand, if you play C, you’ll have to play fast, but not too fast because it also gives you a chance to practice the same chord shapes over and over again.

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I’m going to go ahead and talk about one C type you’ll find in a lot of popular songs. You know, it’s the one that starts with a “D” and end with an “F.”

Let us imagine a good-looking jazz singer-guitarist. You’ve noticed that as you come out of the chord chord into your F scale, the voice starts sounding very big. You’ve also noticed that most people say, “The big singer is in bad chord.” They are wrong. The big singer is in a good chord. He just can’t reach it (that same voice). He also says to himself, “What am I doing wrong?” He really can’t come to grips with the chord.

What is it? Well, on the low E string you have a D chord, in which there is no D, since the E major scale doesn’t contain a D. To a lot of people, you hear a big guy. You see a big guy in a bar. He’s in his face and he gets drunk on whiskey and tells everyone what a cool singer he is. He’s so big that people want to hear what he can do for them. But in truth, the singers of the old days — well, in terms of guitar players, of course, they used to be pretty good. Because they know how to play in a certain way. Now, everybody’s playing and everybody’s singing the same way. Nobody is using a different technique anymore and they try to imitate everybody else, and it doesn’t work any more. It doesn’t work well to imitate someone else. It just sounds silly. Now, you can only play the chords in the right way if you know how to play a particular chord. In fact, it’s a lot easier to play a couple chords than a whole song. Why? Because the chord shapes need a lot of practice to understand properly. And the other thing is that, once you get used to it, you can play the guitar fast enough to stay out of trouble. The trouble comes

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