How do I pick a guitar?

You’ve got to look at the body shape, not the neck shape. For the best tone and clarity you want a low profile instrument that has a low bottom end. This is why you’ll frequently see an SG (the best performing SG guitar of all time) and an SM (the best sounding SM guitar). I find it’s very hard to get a top end guitar that isn’t going to sound great at lower volumes. If you’re a classic rock guy or you’re wanting to play a more modern style then an SG might be the way to go.

I like to make a list of what I think are the best guitars/laptops/computers/piano/etc…. You should be able to select the one that fits all your needs. You do not have to use everything in the box; simply select the ones that you think will help your playing and help you look like a professional.

Are there any other factors that I should consider when buying a guitar/computer/laptop/etc….?

The biggest factor that I think really determines the sound of a guitar is a guitar’s bridge pickup and pickup’s position. You should keep this in mind when trying to select the right guitar that will fit the way you like to play. Also, try the guitar with the bridge position at the top of the neck. This will give you a fuller sound and a more natural feel. A low bridge position is not always a bad thing, especially if a high bridge position is what you’re looking for.

What is your opinion on a Gibson Les Paul/Epiphone Les Paul?

Gibson Les Paul guitars sound great, and I don’t hear many differences. I’ve recently bought this Les Paul and the sound is pretty much the same as the Epiphone.

How should you store your guitar/computer/laptop/etc….

Don’t store your guitar in it’s original box. You shouldn’t worry about it when you’re done with it, but should be careful moving it around. You can move it to a different box or box, but you’d definitely want to leave it in it’s original box. If it has any major cracks or tears in it then the chances it will rust or fall apart are very high. You could put it in a plastic bag or something to keep it safe. A rubber band or something to protect it from any damage can be used to keep it in it’s original location. If you’re storing