How do I pick a guitar?

First off, pick a really good one. If you are picky about it and don’t like them, don’t buy one. Just go for the cheapest. Guitar manufacturers are going after all the people with money and want the cheapest instruments they can possibly come up with. Also, just don’t be picky. If something sounds nice, it probably is.

What should I look for in a guitar?

To make it easier to pick a guitar (I don’t mean easy to play a guitar, but also easy to play the one you want. Pick a good, clean, simple guitar. Like a Strat or a Tele from about 1962-66) here is what I like to look for when I’m shopping. You can see some of the criteria below:

Pick No 1 – Tone

Pick No 2 – Finish

Pick No 3 – Intonation

Pick No 4 – Finish

Pick No 5 – Brightness
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Pick No 6 – Overall look and feeling

Pick No 7 – Look

Pick No 8 – Overall performance

If you are talking about tone, I don’t care what it is. If it is a really clean tone, a really bright tone, I will want to know. Pick no. 1 should be the note on the guitar that you want to tune, and pick no. 2 and more should be the notes that give the tone the most strength. I have tried to cover as many of the dimensions with this article as possible, so if you don’t get it, go for another guitar. Pick no. 3 is always a must, if not all three. Pick no. 4 is good if you want a clear tone, but it should be a different tone that you enjoy playing. On the other hand, I like to have a very clear, even tone from my amplifier. Pick no. 5 is about clarity to me. I would not want a clear tone if it was very loud which many guitars out there are. Pick no. 6 is a nice subtle tone, a subtle warm note. Pick no. 7 is a tone you would listen to when you want to sit and listen to something quiet, or to have fun. For me, that would be the guitar to play at music festivals. I have tried to cover as many dimensions as possible, so if you don’t get them, go for another guitar. Pick no. 8 is always a must, if not all three. Pick no. 9 is something I