How can I learn guitar chords?

You’ll have three options:

1. A free online lesson system: GuitarCharts

2. A CD or online instructional tool: eGuitar

3. The free e-learning software Guitar Jam

Which will work best for you?

The first two will be far and away the best way to study guitar. It gives you a large range of options for learning basic guitar chord forms, chord-by-chord diagrams, scales and progressions. The third option (Guitar Jam) is an online app for playing chords. It’s great for beginners, as it doesn’t require you to read a book, but it offers many advanced features, such as an easy-to-digest chord chart with chord diagrams.

Will I have access to every site in the online guitar lessons library?

Not at any cost. GuitarCharts provides lesson pages for every popular guitar-related website that you could possibly want to visit, as well as a collection of more than 1,000 song pages ranging from obscure to top 50, in both PDFs and tablature format, in the same book format available on

What can a student expect to accomplish with a course of study?

Learning chord chords and scales is a skill that students need to practice. This is part of the reason that Guitar Charts has included guitar progression exercises in every lesson and a variety of other exercises as well. It’s important for students to have access to these exercises since it will allow them to practice their chord chops in a controlled way. Additionally, the courses are all free so you should expect to save a substantial amount of money.

Can I download music lessons from Guitar Charts?

In addition to the free online lessons, Guitar Charts offers a premium library that includes downloadable audio lessons, interactive flash cards, and many videos. These lessons are available as downloadable audio files, so they’re ready for the smartphone or tablet to listen to.

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Do I need a subscription to access this online library?

Not at all. You can download courses, lesson pages, flashcards, and videos from Guitar Charts for free. If you prefer to use a paid library subscription option, you will need to purchase a subscription to those courses and flashcards. But don’t worry. Guitar Charts provides both free and premium classes in the premium library, as well as access to Guitar Charts Premium Lessons. We’ve tested Guitar Charts