How can I learn guitar chords? – Learn To Play Easy Songs On Guitar

The first thing you need to do is figure out which chords in your language you recognize on the guitar. Learn a scale or chord progression with that scale or chord progression (in order of preference) as starting points. It makes it easier to remember which scale/chord progression to play next. Once you have those numbers down, you then need to go back and find them on the guitar.

If your language uses notes that are not a 1-5 combination (a Cmaj7, a Dm7). find that scale/chord progression (Cmaj7 in G major) as your starting point, and start to find it again after you’ve gone through the progression on the guitar.

If you want better access to chord progressions in your new language, try one of our FREE online guitar lessons!

By David Lague and Stephen Kohn, USA TODAY

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