Can you teach yourself guitar?

I can’t. I can play a melody but I can’t play an actual melody. I can play “Sally’s Blues,” but I can’t play the original or any other song. I don’t really know. There is an amazing guy named Jeff Green and he’s also one of the nicest guitar teachers in the world.

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Jeff Green has taught you for all these years? How many years?

I’ve been teaching for almost 10 years now. I do a lot of teaching at the college level all over the country, but the most important thing is that my parents are very involved in the school to do what the kids want to do on their own time, and they want to be involved even more because the thing that I’ve tried to do with My Life on the Road is to show people the whole of what life is like for a working-class person in the United States. I want to show kids how the world works and how America works. My parents are supportive and want to do it and they have a lot of influence with the family.

Do you think the music video for “The Way I Am” in your latest album could have been a little more realistic?

We shot the video in Chicago. We had to set up in Chicago. The city was kind of a ghost town, a really strange city. A lot of times you don’t expect it and then you see and you think it is really bad and then it is better and then you go, “Oh, that was really bad. That was a disaster.” I didn’t even shoot it in Chicago, but that was pretty much my plan. It was kind of a disaster and we had to shoot it like a disaster and that kind of went up to a whole other level as soon as it got to a place where they were like, “Hey, we are not going to let the kids drive into Chicago.” Then I was like, “No. You have to do the shooting like we want. I will do the directing.”

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The way we shot the video in Chicago, it was all about how you can’t put a camera in the car. You can’t look out the window of the car and see the people on the street, and you never know what they have just seen. We shot the thing where the kids are at home and I was at my grandmother’s house, and I