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What about other musical instruments? What about all the other arts and hobbies?

I think that you can definitely teach yourself guitar, or other creative instruments and it’s really important to know what you want to do with them. Like for example, to learn how do you work on a bass guitar or piano. It’s really important to know how to be an artist, or how to think creatively. It’d be impossible to learn everything, and there are really good resources for people like that. I do learn how to play some guitar now and I learned how to listen to others playing guitar and how to learn their guitar parts, that sort of thing.

That’s amazing and I’ve never heard of anyone in the band playing that way. I guess it’s also good to have that passion when you’re learning something, that’s why I like doing it, but then when you get to a point that you like working on your own stuff, that also helps a lot to move from that kind of idea of starting all from scratch and not even trying it out to working on a project that you really have a deep connection with, if you’ve been wanting to work with a songwriter and have just wanted to do it but not be able to because it’s too hard? That can help a lot. That’s what I think.

Well, this interview’s done. Thanks so much for answering a few questions and getting some ideas from me. You really helped me out with getting it out there so thank you very, very much. Thanks for listening.

In the days leading up to the 2017 Super Bowl, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would often practice throwing with wide receiver Julian Edelman to get in the proper biomechanics. Those techniques helped make him the second all-time leading receiver and helped shape him into a dominant force as a pro.

But while those were the basics, he has now switched over to some new and unique drills as he tries to be a better pro.

Brady has a throwing motion called Plinio which has some unique movements you probably don’t see before in a quarterback’s routine.

From Brady’s weekly radio conversation:

How did you learn what this is and this will be the next thing for me to learn?

Well, a couple of factors, one is you start to have your hand in the pocket to see how your body reacts. You have to realize this can be so much faster than your body is used to. So you go

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