Can you really learn to play guitar online?

We found a video on YouTube that does. Learn how to rock freehand at home now.

For anyone planning to learn guitar online, we want to share some resources that do just that. These lessons aren’t designed to replace the work of some dedicated instructors—these tips are based off of our own research into what works for our own particular style of learning. We encourage you to take these tips and experiment with those of your friends, but at the same time, feel free to take these ideas offline, too.

A Note About Learning Guitar Online

Before you get started, remember that you are going to start over in a new browser tab. If your computer can handle it and you want to get started with music in a fresh browser tab, check out our tutorial on how to play online.

If your computer doesn’t play great with Chrome, check out another tutorial on how to play online.

MOSCOW—Russia’s largest Internet company, Yandex, has said that it may be taking steps to restrict the spread of extremist material, an increase in which has alarmed Western governments, but some Russian security experts said they were surprised about the move.

Yandex’s top executives said this week they were ready to take legal action against those spreading extremist content such as hate speech. However, none of the companies were more vocal in denouncing violence than Yandex, which reported a 25 percent decline in Russian traffic last year, according to data the company has kept private.

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If you like to watch a lot of television, how’s that you? Well, it doesn’t get much better than CBS’s new series, The Mentalist. It’s a procedural that follows Dr. Jack Crawford, an American psychologist specializing in forensic psychology. It’s a show that follows the path of his cases while it also explores what it means to be a doctor.

Crawford’s show has become a breakout success – it’s ranked first for the fifth straight week on IMDb, and it’s currently one of the most-watched shows in streaming. There is no question that John Ridley’s script is brilliant. The Mentalist has the potential to become a classic, but, as far as we can tell, nobody has actually seen the final episode. It’s currently airing on the CBS schedule on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT, and you can watch the episode online right now.

Bryan Cranston and I first met when he was filming his role