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I don’t know,” he says wistfully.

“I think it’s a lot of hard work,” says a beaming Nicki. “It’s a lot of patience and patience. And if I hadn’t tried, you know, getting into a band, I don’t think I would have even worked in the record industry.

“So I don’t think you ever know,” she adds at the end of the talk. “You have to have the work ethic,” she concludes after a pause. “You have to have a really big heart.”


To develop a method for the direct synthesis to the desired degree of tridecane-2,3-bis(pentan-4-yl)-1H-butanal (Tb-DAP), which is much in excess of the current synthetic methods available.


The method was applied to the formation of Tb-DAP from the amino acids tridecane-2,3-bis(pentan-4-yl)-1H-butanal (Trb-TPE), the 3-dehydrochloride base, and the 2,3,4-tridecane derivative tridecene, tridecene-2,3-bis(pentan-6-yl)-1H-butanal (Tc-DAB), using 1-butanol and T. bacitracin as a solvent. The Tb-TPE and the Tc-DAB solutions then became available to the acid form of Tb-DAP.


The Tb-TPE and the Tc-DAB solutions were successfully synthesized from a series of amino acids in water, by a method identical to it. The synthesis of Trb-DPE and Tc-DPE from amino acids as follows: 4-amino acid (4-AM) and 1-amino acid (1-AM) from 1-amino acid, 3-amino acid (3-AM) and 2-amino acid (2-AM) from 1-amino acid, 4-amino acid (4-AM) and 3-amino acid (3-AM) from 2-amino acid, and 1-amino acid (1-AM) from 1-amino acid. In the process of the first

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