Can I learn guitar online?

Yes, there are plenty of great online guitar tutorials, and there are plenty of guitar lessons. But the first step in learning guitar is understanding your instrument. It might seem obvious that there are plenty of online videos to learn guitar, but really, they don’t actually teach you about your guitar at all. A good guitarist always wants to hear how a guitar sound, and a good guitar lessons video rarely provides that.

Online Guitar School

There are a lot of great online guitar lessons which focus on getting guitar lessons by yourself. There’s even a new generation of guitar lessons called Guitar Tutors which focus on helping you learn guitar on your own. However, the videos aren’t always the best way to learn guitar.

Learning guitar on the go

Some guitar online lessons are available without an internet connection.

There’s no problem learning guitar on the go, but it does require some patience and planning. Your guitar will probably become rusty and your fingers might get sore on some songs. If you’re really struggling to learn, it’s always a good idea to take a quick break and come back to it later.

Guitar Lessons

Online Guitar Tutor

The Guitar Tutor website is a bit different than other online guitar lessons. You can choose from 10 different lessons which cover beginner, intermediate and expert guitar levels, and you can pay for a single lesson or start to create your own lessons from their tutorials

Online lessons can be very slow (usually one lesson per week), but if you pay a subscription, the tutor will guide you on every lesson so that you have a more complete understanding of your guitar.

Learning guitar by yourself is not the best way to learn guitar, but it probably won’t hurt either.

Online guitar lesson

Video Lessons

Online guitar lessons are also available to watch online.

If you’ve watched some online guitar tutorials, you’ll see some of the most common guitar chords and scales. But don’t expect to learn all the chords and scales in the videos, and don’t try to learn them in the very short time it takes.

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This can result in frustration, and even though you might be excited about learning the chords and scales, you might find it frustrating to remember every single variation in which you’ve learned some chords and scales before.

That’s why most online guitar lessons use a video tutorial, so you can focus on memorising the chords and scales without having to take in the lyrics constantly.